Why Some Homes Sell More Easily And How To Make Them Sell At a Great Price

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Everyone who puts their home on the market wants to sell it and sell well.  So what is it that sets those people apart who are able to powerhouse their way into a deal very soon after they list their property?  How do these people manage to successfully get the price they want and with the terms that they are happy with?  The answer lies in five simple, but very effective aspects of selling real estate that experienced Realtors have come to learn after years in the business.

Location, Location, Location!

Yep, that famous saying you’ve heard has a lot of truth to it.  How and where your property is situated makes a huge difference in terms of your selling success.  Things like being centrally located (to the city), being within a good school system, having access to shopping, dining and entertainment facilities plus nearby recreational venues, all add to the value of a property’s location.

How’s That Property Looking?

Believe it or not, what all those design TV shows keep saying, is true.  How you present your home when you put it up for sale has a lot to do with your potential selling success.  Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal.  By spending a little bit to update the house, in almost all cases, it translates to a far better received house on the market.  Fix things that are broken, try to decorate or set up things in a neutral way so that buyers can imagine themselves in the home.  A bright red wall, for example, is not everyone’s idea of a perfect family room color.

How Much Did You Say That Was?

The single most important factor when looking at a home’s selling capability is its price.  Buyers are definitely very savvy, especially these days when it’s a buyers’ market.  Not only will they be fully aware of area property values but they will also call you on it if you overprice your home.  In a market where buyers have considerable more inventory to choose from than if it was more a seller’s market, it is very important to focus on setting a realistic price.

Terms, Perks and Other Deal-Sweetening Things

Of COURSE the cool people that agreed to throw in the backyard Jacuzzi will sell their house before you sell yours.  The trick is to know and understand exactly how to entice the buyers into wanting your home.  What are the ways to do that?  Some of them are in your hands, like offering to add extra items like curtains or fixed furnishings – while other factors are market-dependent, like the current interest rates.  But at the end of the day, one of the key reasons successful sales happen is because the terms were favorable and agreeable to both parties.

Boy Was That Ever Easy, Thanks To The Realtor’s Experience!

Most homeowners who try to sell their home on their own, what’s known as a FSBO in real estate jargon, usually don’t.  The simple fact of the matter is that by going through a Realtor, homes have a far better chance of selling – and this is for many reasons.  But it’s not just any Realtor that is the key to success; rather it’s choosing an experienced professional who knows their stuff.  
As long as you are market-savvy, you understand what buyers are looking for and are willing to accommodate the things that will set you apart and give you the edge over other sellers, your property should sell.  And even more so, by following through with the five things that homes do sell with success, you will sell your home and sell it well.