Are You Looking to Begin a Career in Real Estate or Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Are You Looking to Begin a Career in Real Estate or Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Today I wanted to reach out to everyone and explain how my team is different. Before we hire any of our agents and administrative staff, we fill out a personality profile for the potential employee. This to make sure they will be a good fit, they will enjoy the job, they will communicate well and also communicate in a way the client would like to be communicated to.

We use the DISC Assessment and if you aren’t familiar with it, the “D” is someone who is more dominant and very direct. The “I” stands for inducement; this person is more lively and outgoing. “S” stands for submission and this attitude is more like a grandmother; a very caring and affectionate individual. Finally, the “C” stands for compliance. This person is very analytical and very detail oriented. When we hire, there are going to be two that you fit.

When we hire a salesperson, we’re looking for someone who is a people-person. This person would also need to be outgoing and direct; we need people who can tell a client what needs to be said. This is crucial during listing appointments. For our administrative staff, we need to make sure that they pay attention to detail and are the anchor of the team. This person is also more “behind the scenes” and will not be someone you frequently communicate with but is there to make sure your transaction goes through smoothly. Since this is most likely your biggest purchase or biggest sale, we want to treat it as such.

Since we are a part of Keller Williams, we also use the AVA Personality Test with our new hires. This is a more detailed and descriptive. The DISC profile is proven to be 85% correct where the AVA is proven to be 97% correct. We want to match you up with a person you can communicate with!

We are in the process of hiring four more agents and if you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate or looking to advance your career, let us know! This year alone we sold 289 homes and brought in roughly $70 million in revenue. If you have any questions, give us a call (410) 638-9555 or email me at Thanks and happy New Year!